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Just a few projects I have worked on while attending Texas Tech!

HUb City Student Advertising Competition.


Such a great experience loved every moment. Starting at 8 AM, I and other students across West Texas were paired into small groups. We heard a project brief from the Director of Marketing, the Manager of Digital Engagement, and the Director of Digital and Loyalty Marketing all from the United Family. The demographic target was Men and Women, 18-24, living in cities where Market Street has a presence. We then split across town and got to work at local agencies in Lubbock for the day to plan a whole campaign. I got to work with an amazing team, we came up with strategies and showed them executed in our pitch. We worked on this campaign from 9 AM-4:30 PM -time felt like it moved so fast this day. After about 6 hours we gave the 5-minute pitch of our campaign to the same group of people from The United Family. *Pitch Slides shown Above* Such a great learning experience, I had the best time.


Digital & Social Media Campaign | BOm Brazil.


Over the course of my last semester at Texas Tech, I chose a Local Business in Lubbock to create an entirely digital and social media campaign for. I started with a general audit to gain an understanding of the business's current standing, all the way to creative executions and improvements. This client has fulfilled my love for acai, and I truly do believe that they have the best in Lubbock, they just need that extra creative push to gain brand awareness so that all of the 806 could find their love for Bom Brazil. Through this campaign, I created an audience persona, and a new and fun slogan, established a brand identity to create cohesiveness across social platforms, worked with Google Search Ads, and even developed a NEW website so that they could better fit the needs of their target audience. I learned so much throughout this campaign and loved creating different brand elements to help better expand a local LBK business. Check out my New mockup Bom Brazil website below. (Their current website is linked within their logo).


As the capstone course at Texas Tech, we are required to take Advertising Campaigns. Through this course the entire class is split up into different "agencies" where we then interviewed and secured our roles for the semester. I was the Account Manager for my team & collaborated with an amazing group of people. The full class was then given the same client briefing from LHUCA - Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, & worked the entirety of the semester to prepare for a pitch that solved their problems. LHUCA is a non-profit arts center in Lubbock that lacks brand awareness throughout the community. They have a lot to offer but battle the stigma that Lubbock does not have an active creative art scene. They are located in the heart of downtown, which if you been to Lubbock, the downtown area has seen better days. Each first Friday of the month, LHUCA host The First Friday Art Trail which does bring the Lubbock community to the downtown area. They see great success with this event but most attendees are not aware that LHUCA is the one that hosts. CG LAB, my agency prepared all semester for a final pitch to LHUCA in May 2023. Now when you attend FFAT you may see some of our ideas implemented. Happy to see our ideas come to life, and bring LHUCA the brand awareness they were looking for.

Creative Brief for Urban Bricks G.Sedillo.png

Urban Bricks | Lubbock

Are you a fan of Pizza, if so seriously give Urban Bricks a try. For Urban Bricks Lubbock, I and five other students researched and studied consumer insights to understand their current target audience and how to better reach them. We did this through the full steps of an advertising campaign. Starting with a situation analysis, where we discover our problem, moving to secondary research. Next, we conducted primary research by creating a survey and conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews. Our key findings were that within our target audience, 86.17 percent of them have never eaten at Urban Brick Lubbock. We needed to increase brand awareness - so we came up with the insight "A Slice of Brickin Goodness". To the right is the creative brief we came up and below are our creative executions. I loved diving into Urban Bricks and was so lucky to work with other amazing students at Texas Tech!

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 12.47.21 AM.png

Regular Fix CoffeeBar | Branding

Sedillo- CoffeeBarBusinessCard PNG.png
Sedillo- CoffeeBarEnvelope PNG.png

My made-up CoffeeBar Idea - A great business opportunity for someone!

The way I am imagining my Regular Fix CoffeeBar is to be warm and welcoming, keeping up with the trends, with an industrial/city vibe. I personally love coffee and could imagine this CoffeeBar playing out in my head. The name “Regular Fix CoffeeBar” is inspired by the daily routines we have while getting coffee, get your regular fix in for the day. I choose CoffeeBar because I think that it would be cool if we served coffee-inspired alcoholic beverages after a certain time in the day, carrying into the night. These drinks could include espresso martinis, spiked cold brew, etc. It will offer regular coffee drinks, like various of different espresso drinks, different coffee brews, and merchandise of the company. There will also be light food, like sandwiches throughout the day, and possibly chips and queso. Typically, will draw in people with an age range of 18–40 years old’s, who live an on-the-go lifestyle. The overall angle would be just to have somewhere you can go to get work done, hang out with friends, and enjoy coffee, or even drinks. I could really see this CoffeeBar being a huge success in a bigger city, with downtown vibes. Shown below are mock-ups of a business card, envelope, letterhead, and a comfort colors tee (my favorite).

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator & InDesign)

Sedillo- CoffeeBarLetterHead_Revised PNG.png

ALBQ Heights Music Festival.

This is a fun one - I love music festivals and designed these quickly after I purchased my tickets to Austin City Limits. My idea for this festival is laid out as follows: Takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico (the largest city in NM, just made sense, plus NM needs a cool annual event). I wanted to follow the layout of a typical music festival flyer/poster so I added some fun sponsor logos. The color scheme was inspired by the beautiful sunsets I grew up watching. Lastly, the artists listed are completely biased, some are my favorites and some are just used to fill space. Wouldn't it be cool Morgan Wallen and Ariana Grande in one weekend? A DREAM - I loved designing these!

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) 

Sedillo - Flyer (DRAFT).png
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